I Heart the local Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce!

Blue Hawg

I Heart the local Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce! If you know me personally or read any of my previous blogs, you already know this Italian boy loves to eat! Monja, Monja! When it comes to BBQ sauce, my family is hooked on Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce. I Heart the local Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce because it has a story so many can relate to, is locally made, and tastes really good!

Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce is more than just a tasty meat condiment; it has a story in which people can relate. One of the two founders and I go way back to college; he went the Accounting track and I went the Finance/Real Estate track. This was when we used an abacus instead of calculators. Kidding, but not by much! David Guy’s family is originally from Mississippi. His culinary upbringing was regionally influenced. David was always an aspiring “Pit Master!” Whenever someone ate his BBQ, they would inevitably tell him he should bottle his sauce – so he did! I am inspired by his story in how he took his grilling passion for cooking for his family and friends into a commercial product that is now on the shelf at Krogers and sold online! I think many of us would like to make a living doing what we enjoy and pursuing our passion!

I enjoy celebrating and supporting locally based events, venues and products like Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce. Money spent in our community stays in our community and further improves our local economy for everyone. Yah Capitalism! As with any food product, the sauce has to be manufactured with the highest food safety standards. The product is made in a local co-packer, bottled, labeled and distributed from this area! A corporate venture of this size is not easy to handle on one’s own. David went into partnership with his friend, Dean Jagot. Together they have built the BBQ Empire to what it is today! Every bottle of Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce purchased at Kroger or online through their website guarantees employment for people in this community. Paychecks help me buy things I need to survive, like wine! Buying locally helps me support my family, friends and neighbors. I encourage us all to think and act locally by purchasing products made here in the Ark-La-Tex.

Only good tasty food is allowed in my home, which means I keep Blue Hawg on the shelf! This Sicilian boy lives to eat, instead of eating to live, like the health experts preach. My family can always find an excuse to cook a big meal to come together. We grill at least once a week in the summer. Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce has elevated my grilling to a new level. My Father goes on and on describing the flavor of the sauce. I get it – it’s good. The sauce is lower in sugar than typical BBQ sauce and higher is acidity through a stronger vinegar note. I want to convert everyone, like my father, so I will give you an opportunity to try it for yourself! Heart Gates Vineyard is partnering with Blue Hawg BBQ to offer pulled pork sandwiches during the Remington College Garage Sale tomorrow, Saturday, April 9th! Plates will be $10. If you like garage sales, this is an added bonus for you! You name it; it will probably be sold at the garage sale! Come by to sample Blue Hawg BBQ for yourself while supporting Shreveport’s newest Vineyard. Once you taste the awesome Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce, I know you will be hooked just like my family and friends.

Make a Facebook status update inviting all your friends to attend the Remington College Community Garage Sale with you tomorrow. Clean out your vehicle and pack the sunscreen because you’re going to load up on good deals, awesome BBQ and a great time, Saturday, April 9th. Once you have tried Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce, I know you will love it as much as my family and friends do. I Heart the local Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce and I know many others in our community who do as well! It has a story so many can relate to, is locally made, and tastes really good making Blue Hawg BBQ Sauce a true asset to our community! Check back in two weeks for my next trip around town to see if your favorite place is featured. Until then, Salute!

Best Time to Visit:       Anytime Kroger is open; Open 24/7 Online

Physical Address:        Local Kroger Grocery Stores or Online

Phone:                           (318) 218-8412

Web Address:               http://doubledsbbq.com/

Facebook:                      https://www.facebook.com/Double-Ds-BBQ-112864168786570/

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