I Heart the Holiday in Dixie Festival

Holiday in Dixie

I Heart the Holiday in Dixie Festival! Having the pleasure of growing up in Shreveport gave the opportunity of looking forward to special events that rolled around each year. This one definitely made the list, including, but not limited to, the Mud Bug Madness Festival, Revel and State Fair. I Heart the Holiday in Dixie Festival because it has great food and treats, games and rides, and the KTBS Hidden Treasure Hunt!

Of course I love an event that has great food and sweet treats. Being outside and smelling all the foods being prepared at the festival can make a full belly think its starving! Fresh squeezed lemon aid, corn dogs, French fries, elephant ears, and funnel cakes coated in powdered sugar are just some of the treats tempting festival goers. Just try to visit Holiday in Dixie without getting something good to eat; it would take someone with a really strong will, and that wouldn’t be me!

Just imagine a mini Louisiana State Fair with carnival rides and games with barkers, then you have a good idea of what to expect. Most of the rides are intended for small kids to teens. The entire plaza is filled with different rides, games and food vendors. Those with teenagers, like me, will have a more difficult time walking through the taunts of the game barkers. Most teenagers think they can accomplish the crazy games designed to challenge the steadiest of hands and skills. I know the games are extremely difficult to win, but Riley seems to enjoy attempting them. As a business person, I appreciate the game barker’s skills at luring contestants to the table. They are crafty and relentless at getting people to open their wallets. Some sales people could learn from their unwavering commitment to their jobs; they refuse to take “No” as answer. The games and rides are a great distraction and give the family something different to do for a change.

Holiday in Dixie brings food, fun, and the possibility of $1,500 cash! I can remember being five or six and my family piling in the car after work to look for the KTBS Hidden Treasure. Memories of my sister looking at a big fold-up map, my mom reading the Times paper for the clues and my brother driving us around town till dark. This was back in the dark ages before cell phones or the Internet to aid in the search. We would occasionally stop and visit with other people we could tell were out treasure hunting. We came close a couple of years. I recall my sister and brother talking about it for months afterwards. I remember more about looking for the treasure than I do actually attending the festival! Probably because it was about family bonding time spent in the car for hours each night till the booty was claimed. Isn’t that what families today need – more quality bonding time? The KTBS Hidden Treasure Hunt always makes someone $1,500 richer each year, but I hope the act of looking for the treasure brings about priceless family memories!

Gather your family or invite a friend to attend Holiday in Dixie with you for a great time, April 15th through the 24th. Once you visit the festival once, you will be looking forward to going again next year! I Heart the Holiday in Dixie Festival and I know many others in our community who do as well! The festival has great food and treats, games and rides, and the KTBS Hidden Treasure Hunt which makes the Holiday in Dixie Festival a true asset to our community! Check back in two weeks for my next trip around town to see if your favorite place is featured. Until then, Salute!

Best Time to Visit:           April 15th through April 24th, 2016

Physical Address:            Festival Plaza Downtown Shreveport

Web Address:                   http://www.holidayindixie.com

Facebook:                          https://www.facebook.com/holidayindixie

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