I Heart the American Heart Association

American Heart Association

I Heart the American Heart Association! My family’s heart health hasn’t always been the greatest. I have good intentions of eating healthier and working out more, but usually miss the mark. Thankfully we have an organization in our community that wants to help us all have greater health aspirations and actually meet those goals. I Heart the American Heart Association because we have a national non-profit with local ties improving the quality of our heart health, providing quality health education material, and National Wear Red Day!

Shreveport / Bossier is lucky to have a representative here locally for the national American Heart Association. My former Sunday school teacher, Eric, says that, “Shreveport is the largest small town you will ever live in. Everyone knows everyone!” Regional Director, Sarah Baker, lives here and she knows almost everyone!  Having a local representative gives our community a voice in the national organization. She can also better communicate the benefits and education of the American Heart Association. We may be a small town, but we still have big town representation from this great national non-profit organization.

Education is a big deal to me because I taught college for many years, so I seek out information like the quality health material provided by the Heart Association. My Sicilian family is all about the food. We don’t eat to live; we live to eat! The food is always scrumptious, but not always the healthiest. My brother and I sit in the kitchen and watch mom cook. We have been surprised at some of the not-so-healthy ingredients that make her food so outstandingly good. However, as I’ve developed my culinary skills, I strive to cook more healthfully. The American Heart Association website has plenty of recipes to help give tips on how to improve the overall health of my family recipes. The recipes have beautiful pictures and easy to follow instructions almost anyone can follow. The website and Facebook page also have tons of articles on how to prevent heart disease. They also have a news feed showing current heart issues appearing in the news media. I have read articles on how to recognize a heart attack or stroke, understanding cholesterol levels, physical activity and weight management tips, and a biggie for most of us – stress management! The organization has invested in providing quality health education material online that will help us reach our heart health potential.

My favorite color is red so of course I am a fan of National Wear Red Day! My logo, representing the Vineyard, has three hearts. Hearts are a big deal and I want to take care of mine and those I love. Many people think that heart disease is predominately a male health issue. Not true! The American Heart Association website states that 500,000 American women lost their lives to heart disease in 2003. That sad fact lead to the creation of National Wear Red Day to bring attention to the issue of heart disease being the number one killer of women. National Wear Red Day is scheduled for next Friday, February 5, 2016. I encourage you to wear your Red Heart Gates Vineyard shirt next Friday and share the American Heart Association web address with someone you love so they can learn how to better take care of their heart! The Northwest Louisiana Go Red Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, February 18, 2016 at the Shreveport Convention Center. Information about the event is listed on their website. You can send Sarah an email for ticket information to: sarah.baker@heart.org. National Wear Red Day is an easy way to bring awareness to an issue that affects so many people here in the Ark-La-Tex.

My goal is to be around a long time for my son Riley. Taking care of my heart is an important factor in that goal. Heart disease is an issue for my family and we talk about it often. From the statistics, it is probably an issue for your family too. I encourage you to use the resources of the American Heart Association to improve your heart and overall health. I Heart the American Heart Association and I know many others in our community who do as well! We are fortunate to have a national non-profit with local ties improving the quality of our heart health, providing quality health education material, and National Wear Red Day make the American Heart Association a true asset to our community! Check back in two weeks for my next trip around town to see if your favorite place is featured. Until then, Salute!

Best Time to Visit:        Check website for educational material & Special Events

Physical Address:         745 Olive Street, #111, Shreveport, LA

Phone:                              (318) 347-3122

Web Address:                 http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/

Facebook:                        https://www.facebook.com/AmericanHeart/

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